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Dave's Construction, Inc. has been providing services that complete your utility needs with quality workmanship and professional results for over 20 years in the Sioux Falls area. Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes any project of any size a success. For quality service, contact us.

Directional Boring

Directional Boring is a process using special equipment designed for installing utility lines underground with minimal disturbance to the surface area. This technique is used to guide pipes in the ground along a predetermined path. This way you can avoid obstacles such as existing utilities, landscaping, road,and waterways by guiding the pipe over, under or around them. Directional Boring can be used to install power, telecommunications, gas lines and water and sewer lines.

Cable and Duct Plowing

Plowing is the process of using a vibrating or static blade to cut a narrow slit in the ground. As the ground is being opened the cable or duct is placed at a desired depth by feeding it down a chute that is attached on the back side of the blade.This process can be done in a short amount of time with minimal disturbance to the ground. This process is mostly used in rural or road ditch areas.


Trenching is a process of excavating that creates an open cut in the ground to be used for burying cables or pipes. Depth and width of the trench will vary depending on what you need to bury. This process is mostly done in new developments or open fields where more surface disturbance is tolerated.


Excavating is a process that works similar to trenching. However an excavator is capable of making a much bigger trench, both deeper and wider. This process is most often used to put in water,sewer line, and conduit runs. This process can be used if special back fill is required around the product being installed.

Power Splicing/Terminating

We offer both Terminating and Splicing services on cable up to 1000 MCM and 200 to 600 amp connections. We take pride in the quality of the work we do. We know that the quality of this process can affect the safety of your system for many years to come.

High Potential Cable Testing

Hipot testing involves applying an over-voltage to the cable system for a short duration to verify the dielectric integrity of the system (terminations,cable,and splices). In most cases hipot testing is applied as a pass or fail test. If the cable system does not fail during the test, it is considered to have passed and can be placed into or back into service.